It’s a Good Time for Industry Scientists to Start Startups

One thing I’ve been surprised about since starting SciFounders is how many of the founders we talk to are coming from academia rather than from industry. I think many industry scientists have great ideas too, and more should take the idea of starting a company more seriously. One big advantage of working in an industrial…More

Scientists Should Care More About Equity

One of the biggest differences between the software startup world (where I used to spend most of my time) and the science startup world is how little most scientists seem to value company equity. I think it’d be a really great thing for scientists and startups if this would culturally change.  For many earlier career…More

​​Scientists Should Start Companies

It seems amongst many scientists that the idea of starting a company is still looked down upon. Many seem to imagine companies as entities for which one must give up their principles and the possibility to pursue the most interesting work. But done right, that doesn’t need to be the case at all. A good…More

Equity for Scientists Starting Companies

Earlier this year, my teammates and I interviewed over 100 teams for the first cohort of SciFounder Fellowship, and by far the most frequent issues we noticed were problematic equity splits amongst teammates. Some teams knew that their equity splits were in less than ideal shape, but most groups did not. Most of the teams we…More